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Sossego is the US distributor of multi award-winning Brazilian designers Aristeu Pires, Domingos Tótora, and Guilherme Wentz.

“Clearly, there is a hunger for Brazilian modernism that we never knew we had.”
- Cindy Allen, editor in chief of Interior Design magazine.


The Brazilian Way

Brazil is a lush land of curving beaches, sinuous rivers, and mountainous vistas. Combine that with its throbbing music and the exciting tastes, sounds, and aromas permeating its many colorful festivals, and you have a most enthralling culture. Arguably the most multi-cultural region in the world, Brazil is a fantastic blend of races, national origins, and traditions. All this has evolved into a most affectionate and welcoming people who hold warm relationships with family, friends, and community as their highest value.


Meet Designer: Guilherme Wentz

Guilherme Wentz, an emerging young designer, has quickly accumulated awards: the iF Design Award, Museu da Casa Brasileira, and Idea Brasil. In 2016 he was named Rising Talent at MAISON&OBJET Americas and in 2017, won Talent on the Rise and was finalist in Accessories at the first Casa Vogue Design Awards.

The debut lighting and accessories collection from his eponymous São Paulo studio includes hand-blown glass, wood, marble, and brass that explore concepts and shapes found in nature. 

Guilherme said, “I try to bring lightness and simplicity to my designs…casualness most interests me. There is a casual—yet complex to explain—lifestyle in Brazil and it is expressed in my work in a very subtle way.” Guilherme was honored to be the third designer represented by Sossego, saying he had long been inspired by the work of Aristeu Pires and Domingos Tótora.



Aristeu Pires is an award-winning furniture designer and manufacturer. After an eminently successful career in computer engineering, he launched an eponymous furniture line that brought immediate acclaim. In 2007 the Gisele lounge chair won first place in Brazil's prestigious “Museu da Casa Brasileira” award in the furniture category. Aristeu's pieces are individually manufactured in southern Brazil, fusing style and ease for enthusiastic clients around the globe.

Aristeu Pires furniture pairs contemporary design sensibility with warm Brazilian wood. His pieces combine form and function, bringing timeless beauty and everyday comfort to venues such as boutique hotels and architecturally significant homes. Crafted of sustainably harvested wood, each piece has its own personality and Brazilian charm. 




There may be no artist who demonstrates sustainability as wholly as Domingos Tótora. Born in a mountainous region of Brazil, he studied design in São Paulo before returning to his home city of Maria da Fé where undulating landscapes, waterways, and rock formations inspire his life's work as a sculptor of curvilinear furniture and objects of art.

Domingos' passion for nature and authenticity compelled him to conceive a fascinating and laborious process that emulates the cycle of life. He begins with cardboard near the end of its functional purpose, reducing it to pulp. The material is then blended with soil and water, hand sculpted into new forms, and baked in natural sunlight.


"My dream is to create products that people want to be around for the rest of their lives."